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So I came to know that you are a movie buff or we can say a cinephile, and loves watching movies, isn’t it? 😉

But so far you have been looking for 123Movies site working site list which you can use for streaming movies online for free, If this is your Intention then keep reading this article because in this we will be a discussing it & also we will be providing you with the list of the site like 123Movies which you can use without any kind of interruption to watch movies online for free 😛 [ Hmm! I can notice the smile on your face You loves watching movies for free, So I do ]

Ok, so without any more words, lets come & starting discussing all the information and queries you have in your brain related to 123Movies, So let’s begin…

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is one of the worlds most popular free movies & videos streaming and downloading as well, it provides huge collections of movies from Hollywood to Bollywood, in different languages along with dual audio and subtitle as well, by using this sites millions of people watch movies online for free without paying any bucks to anyone just it consumes data package of yours based on the quality of video you stream.

But you might be thinking why is the most popular in the world although there are a lot of sites which provide movies and video streaming for free, but why 123Movies is most popular from all of them? If this question you have in your brain than let me tell you that 123Movies is so popular around the world due to its huge collection and when I say huge it really means huge, it has thousands of movies & films hosted on their video hoster which are OpenLoad, StreaMango & MyCloud.

The great thing about 123Movies is you’ll get all of the content in High Definition on this website, But Because of legal reasons a few years back ago, the site went offline for a short time. It occurred mostly because 123Movies is based on the torrent to stream protocol, as well as downloading the movies and other content & Because of this, it fell into the eyes of filmmakers and developers who then worked on downgrading this website.

The initial website was 123Movies.to, but it was shut down and blocked in 2018 because filmmakers and developers urged country governments to take down this site because it was hindering their business. However, those people have not been successful in holding the website down for so long Because after quite soon, the website owners created another replica of 123Movies.to, which was 123Movies.co to provide users with all the same facilities offered by the previous website.

There are a lot of benefits of using 123Movies over any other paid streaming like NetFlix or Amazon Prime one of the best thing about 123Movies is that you can access all the movies and material you want to access in your favourite standard very quickly and conveniently. The material, including the films on this website, can be downloaded in a wide array of qualities.

123Movies New Site Url & Replicas List Which Can Be Used For Watching Movies Online For Free

Below we have provided a list of sites like 123Movies and some of the replicas of the 123Movies, which you can use for streaming movies online for free without any kind of interruptions.

Note: you may not get the experience like the real 123Movies site because it had been shut down now, and only copies of that site are available over the internet.

Disclaimer: We do not promote Piracy in any way this article and information available here is just for education purpose, we request you to either watch movies over Amazon Prime or Netflix, or if really wants to watch for free then, at last, you can use YouTube, this way you will be supporting the real content creators and filmmakers.

Site URLOnline/Offline✔️/❌


Now let’s head over to some other you might be having in your brain related to 123Movies.

Is Streaming & Downloading Content from 123Movies Legal & Safe?

123Movies - Stream Movies For Free + [Sites Like 123Movies] [2020] 1

If I directly talk to the point, then I would say that the 123Movies site is Illegal and Promotes the sharing of copyrighted material, and that was the key reason the platform got banned a while ago.

The website offers pirated material that has other people’s copyrights and should not be available for free streaming and download. The developers of these materials and their publishers continue to search for this sort of website to ban them and prohibit them from making their copyrighted goods accessible to the ordinary public free of cost streaming and downloading.

There are a wide variety of websites like 123Movies that have been blocked for the same reason over the last few years. Some of the famous websites which got blocked due to the same reasons include Showbox, Gomovies, Moviebox, etc. The 123Movies website has been blocked, but that didn’t stop it entirely. The website changed its name and extension and returned very early. Some of its mirror replicas of 123Movies.to sites are 123Movies.co, 123Movies.pro, however, these sites aren’t live anymore, too, etc.

123Movies and other such popular pirated content distributing websites do not manage both intellectual and industrial property rights. 123Movies is full of copyrighted content, which is obVIOUSLY prohibited in many regions of the county or which has issues of intellectual as well as individual rights issues.

Now here comes the question Is it Safe to Use 123Movies?  & some other similar Questions like Is it safe to download content from 123Movies, or Can 123Movies be trusted? Can 123Movies give you a virus? Can 123Movies hack your phone? , does 123Movies have a virus? Does 123Movies give your computer a virus? And we will be answering all your queries here.

So here is the answer to your such queries.

If we have to say it clearly, then we’re going to say no. In technical terms, the use of 123Movies or any website similar to that is not secure. The main reason for this is that it’s illegal, and it is also a pirate website that steals copyrighted content and puts it up for public access and free download without taking any permission from the original owner of the content. So I would say that using 123Movies is not really safe because there is always a chance that your device will get some kind of malicious virus or malware that can easily kill your machine.

Furthermore, numerous advertisements keep popping up on the screen all the time you search and browse within site. When you click on any of these advertisements by accident, then you will be taken to another website, which is unsafe to use. Many websites you unintentionally hit are too unsafe to visit. Your Computer, mobile, or any gadget you are using can get a virus or malware from those places very quickly.

In addition, the 123Movies website can affect the Computer you are using in several ways, too. There have been several cases of 123Movies users having witnessed their computers being heated up due to using the website. In addition, visiting this website or any other similar website several times will drastically slow down your phone’s running. The key explanation for all this is that 123Movies has more than one GPUs on the website. The main reason why multiple GPUs are available on this kind of website is that they have to be able to upload a large number of videos for viewers to watch. If you continue to use websites like 123Movies for a long time, then you may face serious consequences as frequent use of these websites that result in your cell phone processor or Computer being impaired, including your PC.

When clicked on, the pop-ups displayed on your screen can prove to be very dangerous while using the website. These pop-ups use the wrong scripts that get enabled when you visit websites such as 123Movies, as soon as you open these pop-ups on your phone or Laptop. Those pop-ups are so distracting and misleading that most people are clicking on them. Due to clicking on those pop-ups, a large number of people were affected. When these scripts get into your computer, your system or Computer is highly vulnerable. Someone who wants to hack into the device you are using can very easily insert dangerous and spammy codes into the film file you are downloading from. These codes, along with the video, are downloaded to your computer. Those codes will auto-install in your Computer as soon as you run the movie on your computer or tablet and then start to affect your program and Computer. For these reasons, a lot of people would warn you not to regularly use websites like 123Movies.

Disclaimer: Piracy is a crime under governmental law. The purpose of this news is to inform you about illegal activities so that you stay away from such sites. Do not download movies through these sites.


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