Annabelle Comes Home – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Annabelle Comes Home – Movie Story

The third installment of the’ Anabelle’ series and the seventh installment of the’ Conjuring Universe ‘ franchise is’ Annabelle Comes Home.’ Once again, the possessed doll is on the loose, causing havoc. This moment, together with her young child sitters, it targets Judy (Mckenna Grace), the Warrens’ 10-year-old daughter (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). Will Annabelle and her evil forces be able to feed on their fear?

Annabelle Comes Home – Movie Review

Do does not open positively,’ reads the warning sign engraved on the sacred closet in bold capital letters holding Annabelle’s evil doll. To know that somehow, the accurate opposite will happen, you don’t have to be a horror fan. Unpredictability is not one of Annabelle Comes Home’s strong points. However, Gary Dauberman provides quite handsomely to a debutant, director, and author in distributing many delicious jumps scare at a continuous speed. His great camera control and the strategy for creating continual fears are at the core of it.

The film opens with Ed and Lorraine’s daredevil duo bringing home the doll. They lock it up from their infamous cases in their basement, along with a host of other creepy memorabilia. The room is full of ghostly goodies waiting for all hell to break loose to be fiddled with. Meanwhile, because of what her parents are doing for a living, their daughter Judy is having a hard time with school bullies. This part is treated with sensitivity. But the narrative rapidly gets into the mode of action as the pair passes away for a weekend, leaving their daughter with Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman), a young but accountable babysitter.

Well, until her belly Daniela (Katie Sarife) goes around the house snooping, hoping to discover some connection with her deceased dad. Another well-executed plot points to bring in a character’s emotional attachment and justify its actions. A spookfest that will take you into a house of horrors is what follows. When used with some novel concepts to cause fear, the background score is very efficient and adds to the effect. And there’s hardly a dull time when the ghostly company starts. Dauberman also throws some comic relief when a nerdy neighbor-Mary Ellen’s besotted young Bob (Michael Cimino) attempts to woo her, but gets caught in the crossfire.

Child star Mckenna Grace performs an outstanding job with her restrained act even during the most horrific turn of events. The remainder of the cast is getting along well. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have restricted screen time, but with so much non-stop action their absence is hardly felt. The victorian environment of the Warren home and the subtle dark colors add oodles of spookiness to the trials. Overall,’ Annabelle Comes Home’ is a scare-festive textbook that fulfills its haunting commitment without complicating it or preaching about gods and demons.


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