Article 15 – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Article 15 Movie Reviews, Ratings & Information

Story of Article 15 Movie:

In the face of a gruesome crime, a young IPS officer’s fresh posting in rural India has him facing caste disparities and unpleasant truths. In the fictional village of Lalgaon, when three girls are missing, two of them are discovered dead, and there is no trace of the third. Where is she and who is in charge of this heinous act?

Review Of Article 15:

When Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurana), a city-born IPS officer in charge of the Lalgaon Police Station in India’s heartland, realizes that he will have to tackle much more than he meets the eye quickly enough. He says his wife Aditi (Isha Talwar) on the phone at one stage early in the film, “It’s like the wild wild west.” Having studied in Delhi’s St. Stephens and previously lived in Europe, Ayan is obviously at odds with the mindsets that accost him right from the Lalgaon word go.

Even as he struggles with the powerful presence of caste discrimination and looming societal inequalities, he stumbles over the news of three women who have been missing in a local plant for the past two days.

His peers, Bhramdutt and Jatav (Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra) are telling him that the girls are likely to appear. But when two of them are discovered hanging from a tree the next morning, it confirms that something went wrong.

However, the pressure to close the case as rapidly as possible is relentless. “Aap logon ka transfer ho jata hai, humein maar diya jata hain,” tells the protagonist of Pahwa as he attempts to persuade Ayan to sign off on the case file.

Ayan is dedicated to getting to the bottom of this as the police officer in control, refusing to buckle down despite barriers and threats lurking in almost every corner.

The’ Article 15′ of Anubhav Sinha is intended as a thriller for the crime. And what works for the movie is that it’s thought-provoking, hard-hitting while bringing social issues to light unflinchingly.

The movie is massive on atmospherics, adding to the mood the top-notch cinematography (Ewan Mulligan) and background score. The feeling is bleak, gritty and gray, often with palpable tension in the atmosphere bringing a chill to the bone. The pictures stand out–some provocative and awkward, like the one where a person runs deep into a drain to unblock it and gets soaked in the filth or the top shot of a group of officers searching with their torchlights in a swamp. The dialogs have left an effect. And through his characters and setting, the director brings out subtle nuances that add to the essence of the narrative.

Spread with potent and poignant moments, the plot of the film leaves you with goose bumps. The story certainly keeps you on edge, but there are moments when it feels overwhelmed by layers, political intricacies, and a variety of personalities. And the pace sometimes falls.

But of course, one of the highlights of the film is the performances by an ace collection of performers. As the sincere, determined police officer, Ayushmann Khurana has hooked you immediately, belting out a riveting performance. As he gets under his character’s skin, it’s an intense, gripping act. Other notable stealers of the scene include actors Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub as Nishad in a brief but shocking role.

‘Article 15 ‘ isn’t a light watch, but it’s undoubtedly relevant, compelling, and a movie that sparks discussion.


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