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Review of Fastey Fasaatey

Modern couple Akash and Anisha pretty much need the very same things from the casual, open connection — best pleasure until the freshness of this calmness withers away.

But love comes knocking at their door suddenly, exactly like love generally does. And that is when two entirely different worlds collide — Akash’s conventional parents searching to get a homely’ daughter-in-law along with a London-based NRI along with her people who follow the ideologies of this western world.

When you’ve watched countless romcoms and wondered’what is in this genre?’ , then manager Amit Agarwal’s’Fastey Fasaatey’ probably doesn’t answer that question or deliver something fresh into the table.
The story is predictable, and the punchlines seem like extensions of a number of the favorite one-liners from some other romcoms previously; rather typical.

The period of the movie can also be an issue, and so is how this movie’s cinematography was planned and implemented — even men and women who’ve just seen the gorgeous town of London in the film (and I count myself in that record) understand that ‘Fastey Fasaatey’ wasn’t taken there.
Karishma Sharma and Arpit Chaudhary since the direct group are personable and nearly adorable together, but their chemistry (even in bed) doesn’t come across as overly persuasive.

The buddy Dev (Nachiket Narvekar) is amusing in parts but shortly after bad writing happens over, after which it is only downhill from there. The supporting cast is a mix of extremes — a few are overly bland, and a few excessively melodramatic; a delicate balance could have done the trick.
The attempt is fair; however, the plotline of’Fastey Fasaatey’ is missing in transition. This snare is much too typical for everyone to fall for.


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