Jhootha Kahin Ka – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Jhootha Kahin Ka – Movie Story

A lot of confusion arises when best friends Varun and Karan exchange identities hoping to continue without a hitch with their romances.

Jhootha Kahin Ka – Movie

Yograj Singh (Rishi Kapoor), proud of his ancient estate and farms, wants his son back from Mauritius to join him in the profession of the family. But there are other thoughts for Varun (Omkar Kapoor). He goes back to Mauritius to join his university mate Karan (Sunny Singh) to hunt together for work. But once there, before a job, he finally finds a girlfriend. And before you know that Riya (Nimisha Mehta) and Varunare have married a jiffy and he has entered Mehtas (Manoj Joshi and Lilette Dubey).

He is having lied to them that he does not have his own family. And meanwhile, Karan”s former girlfriend Sonam (Rucha Vaidya) is dying to tie the knot, except that he is waiting to send the green signal to his elderly brother Tommy (Jimmy Sheirgill). The only hitch, large brother, is in jail, and girlfriend believes he”s in London. When Yograj Singh chooses to move to Mauritius to be near to his son, Varun and Karan”s web of lies get deeper and ends up renting the Mehta bungalow next door.

Jhootha Kahin Na” is a tale of error comedy. However, saddled with screenplay lackluster, predictable twists, irritating background score, problems of continuity, and repeated gags the movie falls flat. Most dialogs are tedious, lacking comic spark, and many are laced. A suspect husband who talks to his wife and the men who continually mock their wives ” way of speaking when they attempt to have a conversation is intended to be comic instruments.

Sunny Singh succeeds in convincingly pulling off an act of the confused, innocent type, whereas the over-expressive face of Omkar Kapoor can be a tad for you. With limited screen time, Jimmy Shergill is efficient. But lastly, with an assured performance, it”s Rishi Kapoor who saves the day here. With his energetic performances in “Mulk” and” 102 Not Out” last year, it”s a joy to see him again on the screen. Kapoor”s comic outings in films such as” Rafoo Chakkar” from 1975 have brought us into splits and given his acting prowess one hopes to see more of him in the coming years in comic capers.

The comic relief of Jhootha Kahin Ka is just around the corner but the film leaves much to be wished for in general.


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