Men In Black International – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Men In Black International - Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Men In Black International Movie Story

The Men in Black (MIB) are international as the secret agency keeps the world from intergalactic threats, leading the charge and recruiting M (Tessa Thompson) from the agency Agent H (Chris Hemsworth).

Men In Black International Movie Review

As a young girl, Molly (Tessa Thompson) meets the MIB and gets obsessed with discovering the secret organization. She’s written off for believing in aliens as insane, but her persistence leads her to the US headquarters doorstep. Department head Agent O (Emma Thompson), impressed by her tenacity, provides Molly the opportunity to prove herself, dubbing her Agent M, and placing her on probation.

M is packed off to London, where she meets the heroic Agent H, who has saved the world with the London High T (Liam Neeson) using their wits only. Agents H & M are allocated a low-key task, but all goes haywire, leaving the planet’s destiny in their hands.

While this plot sounds fairly much like any other MIB movie so far, this franchise continuation seemed to be much more promising with the charismatic and now famous Chris Hemsworth, coupled with the similarly affable Tessa Thompson. Previously, the actors worked with impressive outcomes. Director F. Gary Gray aims to capture their lightning chemistry in this film but ends up proving instead that any quantity of charisma can not replace a strong screenplay.

MIB International ‘ meanders along the way to set up the plot, and all the wisecracks (with little land), special effects (nothing we haven’t seen before), or fancy aliens (like before) can’t seem to save it. Not everything is lost; Pawny, voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, is the one person that stands out. Somehow his thumb-sized alien receives the most beautiful lines, so the best laughs. If there is a sequel, it may be worth looking into his backstory.

There’s not much to savor here besides that. The villains are bland, and their motivations are as derivative as their personalities, although some of them have relatively new powers. The connection between Riza (Rebecca Ferguson) and Agent His intriguing, but it is scarcely explored. A mandatory climax twist has a promising storytelling component. Unfortunately, the trials come a little too late. Despite all its shortcomings, it may be possible for fans of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to sit through this just because their screen presence is so magnetic and charming.

I regret that they operate with such a bland script that end up in a movie that appears to accommodate a new audience, not those who grew up looking before it at MIB’s edgier films.


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