Netflix Mobile Plan At Rs. 199 Per Month Only For India – All Information

After months of testing, Netflix introduced a new low-priced mobile-only subscription scheme in India on Wednesday. At Rs. 199, the monthly subscription scheme is priced, streaming-only in SD. This scheme is currently only accessible in India for mobile and tablet consumers and is much cheaper than the initial monthly plans starting from Rs. 499. This plan was tailored solely for Indian consumers as Netflix seeks to tap into a price-sensitive market where smartphone information consumption is at its peak.

The Netflix Rs. 199 monthly phone plan is accessible from today, bringing characteristics such as SD streaming, one simultaneous stream only, and tablet accessibility. With this low-priced scheme, there is no support for casting on TV. The plan did not seem to be available at the moment of writing. Netflix says as a proportion of complete sign-ups in India, more individuals sign up on mobile in India than anywhere in the globe. This allows Netflix to better compete with competitive streaming services such as Amazon’s Prime Video and Hotstar, a video streaming platform owned by the India division of Walt Disney.

For a while now, this fresh scheme has been in testing, and it joins other priced projects at Rs. 499, Rs. 649, and Rs. 799. Rs. 250 was the subscription fee charged by Netflix at the moment of testing, and the choice seems to have been rethought. To recall, Hotstar charges Rs. 299 per month, while Amazon bundles its video and music streaming services at Rs. 129 per month with its Prime membership.

“Our participants in India are watching more on their mobile phones than members anywhere else in the globe–and they love to download our shows and movies. We think that this new strategy will make Netflix even more available and suitable for individuals who like to watch on their smartphones or tablets –both on the go and at home,” said Ajay Arora, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation.


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