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Noblemen Movie Story

When Shay lands a coveted position in the annual game of his school, it results in his seniors being mercilessly bullied by him. It gets progressively hard for him as much as he wants to hold on to his portion, and soon, things spiral out of control.

Noblemen Movie Review

Seniors, students at their boarding college, Mount Noble High, call Arjun (Mohammed Ali Mir) and Baadal (Shaan Grover). There is a rigid seniority system, and the line is almost always toed by the junior pupils, scarcely defying the bullies of the college despite a rigorous watch by the teachers of the House and the Head Master because nobody wants to be called a’ rat’ or a snitch, perceived by the students to be worse than bullying.

When his music teacher, Murali (Kunal Kapoor), selects a shy and delicate Shay (Ali Haji) for Bassanio’s role in Shakespeare’s Venice Merchant, the play to be played on the 50th Founders Day of the school, the harassment gets worse for him. All because Baadal, a film star’s son, believes he’s better fitting the position. And all he has to do is get Shay to deny the part when Murali makes him Shay’s under research for the role.

But when Shay’s quiet determination to execute his personality makes him disregard Baadal’s wishes, the price must be paid. First with Gunzu (Hardik Thakkar) his most significant friend and lastly with Shay. And it requires a turbulent turn when a well-meaning Murali steps in to sort out Shay’s things.

As preparing for the game progresses, Murali urges his learners to shed their inhibition and channel their anger with the idea of vengeance or vengeance, one of the Venice merchant’s key topics. At one stage when he says’ Theater imitates life,’ he realizes little that his words will turn out to be fateful.

Noblemen discuss head-on classroom bullying–and provides a very graphic image of how brutal it can be. And ultimately, the psychological effect on one’s mind. It also addresses confusion about one’s se*ual orientation, homophobia, and fitting pressure. The pace is lagging at points, but the movie headlines some very significant problems overall.

As learners — Ali Haji, Muskaan Jaferi (as Pia), Hardik Thakkar, Mohommad Ali Mir, and Shaan Grover produce good performances that slide easily into their positions. Kunal Kapoor, like Murali, is charming and efficient. And in spite of her limited screen time, Soni Razdan as Shay’s mom is spot-on as always.

Winter and the mountain backdrop make the ideal environment as an unexpected twist in ‘ Noblemen,’ and the end of innocence makes its way here.


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