One Day: Justice Delivered – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

One Day Justice Delivered Movie Reviews, Ratings & Information

Story of One Day: Justice Delivered

It is a race-against-time sort of thriller, where a retired Judge (Anupam Kher) has been made to take the law into his own hands to make sure justice is served. Meanwhile, the ACP Laxmi Rathi (Esha Gupta) attempts to solve the puzzle of some lost men on her. Now, are they able to achieve their missions or confront disappointment?

Review of One Day: Justice Delivered

Tyagi was bound by legislation to provide judgments on some instances he felt were unjust. And one particular episode jolts him out of the interior, and that is when he takes things into his own hands and embarks on a mission to extract confessions from those offenders.

Simultaneously, when a collection of missing individual cases involving high-profile people intrigues a crime division-specific officer Laxmi Rathi (Esha Gupta), she decides to research the issue.

The whole story is very intriguing, but leadership by Ashok Nanda is sloppy and disjointed also, particularly the first component. Esha has played with a similar sort of de-glam part in a different 2012 film, but this time, she outshines her past performance as a tough cop. The only thing that looks like an entire misfit is that her Haryanvi accent, which isn’t always persuasive.

Audio is easily forgettable as there isn’t a single tune which goes nicely with the narrative but for the title track’One Day’ sung by Usha Uthup — that the singer is in her part.

Initially, it looks like a fantastic vigilante thriller but shortly reduces into being an ordinary event. Point is if we could grab up some excellent well-cooked thrillers, then the best way to wait around with this particular half-hearted tale of justice.

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