The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir

The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir – Movie Story

A Mumbai street artist, Ajatashatru is leaving for Paris to discover his missing dad to fulfill the lifelong dream of his deceased mother. But his trip, which takes him across the globe, turns out to be much more than he anticipated due to an exceptional sequence of occurrences!

The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir – Movie Review

When a young Aja or Ajatashatru (Hearty Singh, a child actor) who lives with his single mom (Amruta Sant) understands that he is impoverished, he takes it upon himself to alter his life course. He spends his time after college, displaying tourists tricks in return for some cash, sometimes even hoodwinking them away with a little more than they wanted.

Years later, Ajatashatru (Dhanush) chooses to travel to Paris to trace his dad, a French magician, when his mom passes away. He rushed up a ticket and landed in Paris with a fake 100 Eur note and a passport. A series of occurrences take over to make his trip intriguing–from a brief romance with Marie (Erin Moriarty) to traveling wrongly to London in a business wardrobe with illegal immigrants.

Hidden in a big suitcase on a chartered flight with an actress, Nelly (Berenice Bejo), deported to Spain and then landed in Rome. There’s even a hot air balloon ride with champagne and macaroons, and a ship jumped into the combination to Libya. Yes, here’s a hefty dollop of magical realism, and if you can suspend disbelief and surrender, it’s a fun watch.

While the film addresses the conditions and dire straits of illegal immigrants and refugees at some level and brings through a few poignant moments, it necessarily follows the adventures of Ajatashatru, his attempt with chance and karma, and of course his love story. Throughout, director Ken Scott keeps the mood light and frothy with emotional moments and laughs weaved in. While in Mumbai it succumbs to some exotic tropes, the film has a ton of color, comedy, music and Bollywood style song and dance number bunged in to maintain it chugging at a smooth pace.

The movie is Dhanush’s Hollywood debut based on a novel by Romain Puertolas. While the remainder of the cast-Erin Moriarty, Berenice Bejo, Barkhad Abdi, and others are pulling off likable performances, with his restricted screen time, Hearty Singh as the young Aja is making quite an impression. But eventually, the film’s heart and soul is owned by Dhanush. He provides a winning performance with his simple charm, smile, and flawless comic timing. Watching him have so much fun with his role is a joy. And that’s a lovely reason to capture that good movie feeling.


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