The Great Indian Escape – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Short Story of The Great Indian Escape

“The Great Indian Escape” is an ode to the 3 real-life Indian pilots that pitched the Pakistani prisons after meticulous preparation and implementation that crosses over a span of nearly 1 year.

Review of The Great Indian Escape

This biographical play is well-researched and concentrates solely on the way the pilots escape, which proves to be its main problem. The picture, despite using a pretty good throw, will get dull after a while because it’s confined within the four walls of their figures’ prison walls. Just a small breather, revealing that the situation back home or only a different perspective, would have done the trick.

The background score, even in components, fails to combine with all the character of particular scenes and also do justice to the overpowering feelings these POWs encounter.

Because this story of grit and gumption has been told through the medium of the theatre, manager Taranjiet Singh Namdhari must have introduced a couple more components (and not merely tunes ) to maintain his audience participated. On the other hand, the escape strategy and its subsequent implementation is a narrative that people will need to understand considering the present economic position between the two neighboring nations.

The center of the narrative is in the ideal location, but a much better story-telling strategy along with a tighter script could have made’ The fantastic Indian Escape’ a must-watch for all of the time drama buffs out there.


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