Yesterday – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Yesterday – Movie Review, Ratings & Information

Yesterday – Movie Story

After an incident, a struggling singer wakes up to find out that he is the only individual in the globe to hear about The Beatles and their music.

Yesterday – Movie Review

Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is attempting to turn it into a singer-songwriter at the end of his wit. He chooses to call it quits after playing’ gigs’ with his tiny family and friends, much to the dismay of his childhood friend and now manager Ellie (Lily James). A blackout soon envelops the globe in darkness, and on his manner back, Jack is struck by a bus. He wakes up to discover that no one in the globe remembers the Beatles or their songs. Jack utilizes this chance to start his career as a musician while eating away at him his conscience.

Yesterday’ has a different yet intriguing premise centered on’ The Beatles’ in the era of paying homage to iconic bands and musicians–probably the most influential group of all time. But as they try to think out the box, it seems that director Danny Boyle and writer Richard Curtis are winding up against a wall, with no interest in getting over, under or around it. Instead, they head off in a different direction to concentrate on Jack and Ellie’s romantic endeavors, both of which are inherently pleasant characters thanks to Himesh Patel and Lily James respectively. Jack realizes that he could quickly become the most excellent musician ever to have lived and that while he can’t make his peace with it, Patel makes it difficult not to sympathize with the choices made by Jack. The first two acts as a result breeze over the endearing attraction of The Beatles ‘ lead couple, light humor, and timeless music.

Unfortunately, far-fetched storytelling choices in their third act start to bring you out of the fantasy world of the film. Writing, and eventually, guidance, falls under the weight of living up to high expectations, leaving you with a few surprises; not all of them completely pleasant. Ed Sheeran’s greatest surprise is playing’ Ed Sheeran’ which ends up being one of the highlights of the film. But he’s not quite enough. Then again, neither is the whimsical edge that promised the movie nor are there any attempts at reason either, because when Love is All You Need, why bother with logic. While the Beatles fans may or may not like it,’ Yesterday’ is a breezy, fun watch with lots of charm.

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